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Ditch the Hand Dryer, Paper towels are more hygenic!

7.25.13 | 

Study found paper towels are more efficient because they dry hands quicker and prevent transfer of germs Paper towels also physically remove bacteria Previous studies have found that dryers harbour microbes and can blast germs into atmosphere               Click here for more!

Healthy Measures: Reduce HAI Occurrences – Enhance Patient Satisfaction – Improve Business Outcomes

3.07.13 | 

The healthcare industry remains an ever changing landscape as issues from healthcare reform to public opinion impact operational success. Healthy Measures is a results driven program that focuses on the fundamental operation of maintaining a healthy environment to improve patient and business outcomes. The three-step process guides key personnel through interviews and a scorecard based… read more

Knowledge is power against the Influenza Virus

1.18.13 | 

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more questions you can answer.. Attached is a very good piece of information forwarded by Diversey. It educates us on key elements regarding the influenza issue currently facing the greater part of our nation. There is some specific information, followed by notes describing such elements as symptoms,… read more

Orbio 5000-Sc

5.29.12 | 

Generate an effective, sustainable cleaning solution on site, right where you need it. Orbio Split Stream technology generates cleaning solution that replaces many daily-use conventional cleaning chemicals.     Read more:Orbio-5000Sc brochure

3M™ Floor Pads

5.29.12 | 

Every 3M™ Floor Pad is made to high quality standards. And ongoing innovation and advancements in technology make 3M floor pads more effective than ever. It’s no wonder we are the #1 supplier worldwide. Read more: 3M Floor Pads

Oringer- Bake Stable Caramel

5.29.12 | 

Bake Stable Caramel A baking caramel that works!   Oringer is pleased to introduce a new product line - Bake Stable Caramel.  This new product enables you to include a delicious, soft, creamy caramel within your baked product offerings.   Our new Bake Stable Caramel enables you to add a popular flavor to your baked products, such… read more

Sealed Air- Instapak Foam Packaging

5.29.12 | 

Instapak® Foam Packaging A Fast, Easy and Versatile Process for On-Line, On-Site Production of Protective Polyurethane Foam Packages   Benefits of Instapak® Foam Packaging Speeds Up Your Packaging Process – Instapak<® foam expands in seconds to form protective cushions, significantly improving productivity.   Makes Packaging Your Products Easy – Economically and efficiently protects products of… read more

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