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Healthy Measures: Reduce HAI Occurrences – Enhance Patient Satisfaction – Improve Business Outcomes

3.07.13 | 

The healthcare industry remains an ever changing landscape as issues from healthcare reform to public opinion impact operational success. Healthy Measures is a results driven program that focuses on the fundamental operation of maintaining a healthy environment to improve patient and business outcomes. The three-step process guides key personnel through interviews and a scorecard based… read more

3M™ Floor Pads

5.29.12 | 

Every 3M™ Floor Pad is made to high quality standards. And ongoing innovation and advancements in technology make 3M floor pads more effective than ever. It’s no wonder we are the #1 supplier worldwide. Read more: 3M Floor Pads

Square Scrub EBG-20

9.08.11 | 
Square Scrub EBG-20

The EBG-20 machine has the ability to dry scrub several layers of finish off the floor without water or chemical involved. This green process should reduce slip and fall accidents for both workers and occupants. Injuries are expensive in many ways. From direct cost of the medical expenses and the indirect cost of not having… read more

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